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Duke Extrusion maintains a large inventory of stock plastic extrusions for catheter applications.

Our stock tubing is available in numerous sizes, materials, and configurations. We specialize in custom medical tubing and offer the shortest lead times in the industry*. Questions about our stock tubing options?
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VERGO® Steerable Access Sheaths

Hydrophilic coating on OD provides very low friction to aid navigation and PTFE liner for low friction ID. Off the shelf sizes available from 18Fr - 32Fr and customized configurations available soon.

Stock Tubing: Single Lumen

Available in a variety of materials with durometers from 35D to 80D. We stock a variety of tubing with various I.D., O.D., and wall thickness suitable for many catheter applications. 

Stock Tubing: Coil Reinforced

Provides improved kink resistance, higher pressure capabilities burst strength, improved flexibility, and additional column strength.

Stock Tubing: Braid Reinforced

Ideal for high-performance catheters and medical tubing applications, such as high-pressure lines and deflectable tip catheters.

Stock Tubing: PTFE Lined

PTFE liners on the I.D. minimize friction and allow other devices to pass through with lower resistance.

Stock Tubing: Multi-Durometer

Combining softer and stiffer durometers along the length of medical tubing provides the flexibility and support needed to navigate to difficult target locations.

Spectraflex R&D Kits

Contain four tubes of identical dimensions but different durometers, letting you determine which stiffness is right for your application.

Telescopic R&D Kits

Contain four tubes of various diameters which fit or nest within one another, allowing you to find the correct fit for your concentric tubing design.

Stock Tubing: Laser Cut Hypotube

Offers increased flexibility, better torque response, and higher hoop strength to minimize ovalization during bending. Laser cutting can also be used to limit axial stretch and provide custom deflection properties to the tubing, such as compound curves.

Stock Tubing: Steerable/Deflectable Catheters

These systems help guide catheters, stent, and other implant delivery systems and therapeutic devices to challenging target locations.

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  • *Data as of November 20th 2021. 
    • 2021 YTD OTD – 100% on Stock Tubing, 99% of Braided Stock Tubing
    • 2021 YTD Turn Around Time  – 24hrs on Stock Tubing, 48 hours on Braided Stock Tubing
    • Turn Around Time is time from order receipt to shipment