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Custom Profile Co-Extrusions

Custom Profile Co-Extrusions
Custom Profile Co-Extrusions

Co-extrusion is the combination of two materials, extruded at the same time, into a single tube. The materials can be arranged in concentric tube-on-tube configurations, or with striping of the materials in a single lumen. In multi-lumen coextrusions, materials can be isolated to certain regions of the tubing’s cross section.

Stripes in co-extrusion custom tubing can be used for alignment purposes, to improve radiopacity, for identification, to allow light to pass through a specific portion but not others, or to enhance the physical properties of a specific section of the tube, such as lubricity.

Tube-on-tube concentricity in coextrusion tubing is used to combine the beneficial properties of two different materials. For example, a high pressure-resistant material under a more durable, puncture resistant outer layer for greater durability.

DUKE Extrusion can manufacture custom tubing with profile coextrusions that meet your specific needs. To get started, please specify the inside diameter (I.D.), outside diameter (O.D.), materials, and the thickness, width, and/or percentage of each material. Materials should be relatively similar in properties—we will work with you to determine the best materials for your unique application.

We can produce custom co-extrusions with separate material layers as thin as 1/1000th of an inch. We can provide specialty profiles, such as squares, open channels, and others. Coextrusions can be combined with our taper/bump tubing and multi-lumen manufacturing capabilities as your designs require.

Request a quote on the custom coextrusion you need, or contact DUKE Extrusion for more information.