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Custom Profile Co-Extruded Tubing for Medical Applications

Co-extrusion is the combination of two materials, extruded simultaneously, into a single tube. The materials can be arranged in concentric tube-on-tube configurations or striping in a single lumen. In multi-lumen coextrusions, we can isolate materials to specific regions of the tubing’s cross-section. The inside diameters (IDs) and outside diameters (ODs) of our tapered tube and bump tubing products can be adjusted along the length of the tube. We can taper both single and multiple lumen tubing.

At Duke Extrusion, we manufacture fully-customized single- and multi-lumen coextrusions to your project specifications. Our unique in-house design and engineering processes provide a cost-effective way to produce high-quality co-extruded tubing for your contract manufacturing needs. Questions regarding our exclusive co-extruded tubing manufacturing processes? Contact us, or request a quote to learn more.

Profile Co-Extrusion Tubing Options

By combining two or more materials, coextruded tubing manufacturing processes deliver medical application tubing that provides multiple features, providing exceptional results for applications requiring various materials' qualities. Custom medical co-extruded tubing options include:

Co-Extruded Tubing Stripes

Stripes in co-extrusion tubing are used for alignment, improving radiopacity, and identification. Stripes also allow light to pass through a specific portion of the tubing and enhance the physical properties of a particular section of the tube, such as lubricity.

Tube-On-Tube Concentricity

Tube-on-tube concentricity in coextrusion tubing combines the beneficial properties of two different materials. For example, a high pressure-resistant material under a more durable, puncture-resistant outer layer for enhanced durability.

Custom Manufactured Profiles

Duke Extrusion can manufacture custom tubing with profile coextrusions that meet your specific needs. Please specify the inside diameter (I.D.), outside diameter (O.D.), materials, and the thickness, width, and/or percentage of each material. Materials should be relatively similar in properties—we will work with you to determine the best materials for your unique application.

Specialty Profile & Ultra-Thin Material Layer Options

We can produce custom co-extrusions with separate material layers as thin as 1/1000th of an inch. We can provide specialty profiles, such as squares, open channels, etc. We can combine coextrusions with our taper/bump tubing and multi-lumen manufacturing capabilities as your designs require.

Order Medical Grade Profile Co-Extrusion Tubing Today

Need your products quick? Duke Extrusion has you covered with our ultra-fast shipping times. Our stock tubing products, ship within 24 hours of purchase and braided standard tubing ships within 48 hours of order placement! At Duke Extrusion, we make purchasing medical-grade tubing easy with short lead times and quick, convenient, and hassle-free shipping.  It’s not just stock products that ship with industry best lead times, custom extrusion and rapid customized catheter products are also provided with the shortest lead times available and personalized service. That’s the Duke difference!

Duke Extrusion is your trusted source for precision coextrusion tubing for medical applications. Get a quote on the custom coextrusion you need, or contact Duke Extrusion for more information.

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