• diagram of parts of a Steerable Catheter

Steerable Catheters & Deflectable Catheters

Steerable catheter delivery systems help to guide catheters, stent delivery systems, and therapeutic devices into the target location and are particularly suited for navigating tortuous anatomy. Typical applications for steerable catheters include:

  • Structural heart applications
  • Electrophysiology mapping
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • General imaging
  • Mitral valve repair
  • Site-specific radiation
  • Steerable balloon systems
  • Stent delivery systems.

As an industry-leading catheter manufacturer, DUKE Extrusion produces custom steerable catheters—also called deflectable catheters—that meet unique specifications.

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Benefits of Steerable & Deflectable Catheters

Steerable catheter delivery systems add more control to your device during procedures to reach target anatomies and provide stabilities these performance attributes require. For applications like diagnosis, delivery, and biopsy, these catheter delivery systems are the perfect solution.

Steerable catheters are ideal for applications that require highly defined turns, as well as exact positioning of the catheter tip. Depending on your curve and bend radius needs, there are a variety of steerable catheter and deflectable catheter designs available, as well as materials to achieve your desired results.

DUKE’s Steerable Catheters

DUKE Extrusion can help you achieve a defined curve of deflection for your steerable catheter through the use of pull wires and the proper application of materials and support configurations. We can match the specific curve to a tip shape that you provide. We can also recommend deflection curves for medical catheter tubing that are suitable for accessing particular anatomies.

We manufacture steerable catheters from a wide range of materials. We will design your product with the best materials to meet all of your functional and dimensional requirements, including bend radius and wall thickness. DUKE Extrusion manufactures steerable catheters in a wide range of French sizes, from 2Fr through 40Fr.

A steerable catheter delivery system often includes a braid reinforcement or coil reinforcementlaser-cut hypotube can also be used for this purpose. PTFE liners are frequently utilized to improve inner lumen lubricity. We can manufacture your custom deflectable catheters in numerous configurations and constructions. Ultra-thin wall deflectable catheters are available with wall thicknesses as low as 0.007”. Options for deflectable catheters include PTFE-lined lumens and customized or standard handle configurations. Give us a call at 831-420-1104 with your project requirements or any questions you may have.

Compound Curve Steerable Catheters

DUKE Extrusion manufacturers compound curve steerable catheters which support deflection on different planes and the articulation points are located at various distances along the axis from the distal tip.

Unidirectional Steerable Catheters

A single-direction deflectable catheter features a tip that can be pulled into a defined curve via pull wires and anchor rings. Deflectable catheters are useful when encountering highly angulated turns in target anatomy or where precise tip positioning is required.

Bidirectional Steerable Catheters

The tips of two-direction deflectable catheters can be pulled in two opposing directions. This requires two pull wires, usually connected to a single anchor ring. Because they can be steered forward and backward, bidirectional deflectable catheters are especially useful where a sweep motion, with no rotational maneuvering, is desired for exact tip placement.

3- & 4-Directional Steerable Catheters

These highly specialized deflectable catheters feature tips that can be pulled in multiple directions, usually using a special device handle with multiple pull wires attached. Multidirectional deflectable catheters can maneuver through challenging anatomy, such as multiple heart chambers.

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Need your products quick? Duke Extrusion has you covered with our ultra-fast shipping times. Our stock tubing products, ship within 24 hours of purchase and braided standard tubing ships within 48 hours of order placement! At Duke Extrusion, we make purchasing medical-grade tubing easy with short lead times and quick, convenient, and hassle-free shipping.  It’s not just stock products that ship with industry best lead times, custom extrusion and rapid customized catheter products are also provided with the shortest lead times available and personalized service. That’s the Duke difference!

As a catheter manufacturer, Duke Extrusion has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, providing unrivaled design and engineering capabilities. We can work with you to manufacture a custom steerable or deflectable catheter to meet your exact requirements.

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