• balloon expandable stent delivery catheter system

Balloon Tubing

Duke Extrusion manufactures high pressure and low-pressure balloon tubing for all catheter balloon applications. Duke provides design recommendations to meet your unique balloon tubing requirements, including burst strength, flexibility, compliance, and radial force.

Customized Balloon Catheter Tubing

We work with a wide variety of high-performance materials and can recommend materials that will provide optimal performance for your balloon catheter application. We commonly use PET, nylon, and Pebax™ for high-pressure balloon tubing used in angioplasty, valvuloplasty, and other balloon catheter applications.

All our balloon tubing is extruded from high purity materials using special processes to reduce gels that can lower the burst strength of the balloons that are formed. Our engineering team also forms balloons, thus ensuring the proper balloon tubing specifications and processes are designed to meet the end-use requirements.

Duke Extrusion can create customized balloon tubing in various shapes and with various expandable diameters and lengths to meet your exact specifications. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Get a quote on custom tubing for balloon catheters and other medical balloons, or contact Duke Extrusion to learn more.

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