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Kink Resistant Tubing

  • Kink Resistant Tubing
  • Multilumen extrusion with coil reinforcement to improve kink resistance.
    Multilumen extrusion with coil reinforcement to improve kink resistance.

Kink resistant tubing is used in various applications where it is critical that lumens remain patent. DUKE Extrusion’s kink resistant tubing is constructed of flexible polymeric materials reinforced with metallic or polymeric filament or coil. Reinforcing coil/filament is available in diameters and flat ribbon configurations with customizable pic counts (PPI) and tubing wall thicknesses to obtain the ideal flexibility and kink resistance your application requires.

We can provide design recommendations for wire and filament diameters and ribbon configurations, wall thicknesses, material selection, sterilization compatibility, and other factors.

The three key metrics to specify when designing kink resistant tubing are:

  • required bend radius
  • column strength needed to avoid buckling under axial load
  • crush resistance required for potential lateral loads.

Operating temperatures should also be considered, as high or low temperatures can affect tubing’s kink resistance.

Flexible catheter designs often present unique challenges that require an optimized combination of wall thickness and kink resistance. DUKE Extrusion has the experience and the expertise to recommend customized design options for the developed of kink resistant tubing to meet your flexible catheter requirements.

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