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Polyurethane Medical Tubing

Polyurethane (PUR) is a common medical grade resin used in countless medical devices and extrusions. Polyurethane tubing is known for its exceptional toughness and tensile strength. The material tends to form strong bonds with hydrophilic coating systems.

Polyurethane is highly biocompatible, and softens at body temperature, ensuring optimum patient comfort when used as a catheter material. It is commonly used in the construction of epidural catheters, compliant balloon products, and similar medical devices.

DUKE Extrusion offers polyurethane tubing in numerous varieties to meet the unique requirements of customer applications. Our polyurethane extrusion is available in durometers ranging from 62A to 75D. Typically clear, polyurethane can be colored as needed, and can be compounded with radio-pacifiers and other additives to enhance its lubricity and other physical properties.

Polyurethane tubing can be divided into three main categories:

Long Term Implants

  • ChronoFlex® medical extrusion
  • Carbothane® medical extrusion

Short Term Use

  • ChronoSil®
  • ChronoThane™
  • Estane® medical extrusion
  • HydroThane™
  • Pellethane® medical extrusion
  • Tecothane® medical extrusion
  • Texin® medical extrusion

Elastomeric Polyurethanes

  • ChronoPrene™
  • PolyBlend™
  • Tecoflex® tubing

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