Stock Single Lumen Tubing

Duke Extrusion Stock Tubing
Stock Single Lumen Tubing

DUKE Extrusion’s stock single lumen tubing is immediately available for catheter tubing applications and development. With no minimum order requirements or long lead times, catheter designers can use our single lumen extrusions to evaluate the properties of tubing for compatibility with their product applications. You can specify wall thickness, durometer, kink resistance, size, and more through DUKE Extrusion’s convenient online store.

*Certificate of Conformance is provided free of charge with each stock tubing order.

Bulk Pricing Information

The bulk pricing info below applies to all non-braided single lumen stock tubing products, including all sizes and wall thicknesses. All tubing is sold in 4’ lengths.

55D, 63D, 72D & 80D
Durometer Products
Quantity Price/Unit
25 $32.00
50 $18.00
100 $11.00
200 $6.70
500 $3.88
1000 $2.86
2500 $1.92
5000 $1.70
7500 $1.96
10000 $1.55
35D & 40D
Durometer Products
Quantity Price/Unit
25 $34.00
50 $19.00
100 $11.50
200 $6.95
500 $4.08
1000 $2.96
2500 $1.98
5000 $1.74
7500 $1.65
10000 $1.59

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What is Single Lumen Catheter?

A single lumen catheter is a tube (or lumen) that ends in a hub that can be connected to other tubing for infusions of liquids or medication. A single lumen catheter can be used for continuous infusions or capped and accessed intermittently for periodic infusions.

Single Lumen Tubing from DUKE Extrusion

Always in stock and shipped within 24 hours, DUKE Extrusion’s stock single lumen tubing is an industry first. Our thin wall catheter tubing is excellent for medical balloons and other applications that rely on consistently high-quality tubing suitable for high-performance applications.

Once we receive your specifications, DUKE Extrusion will produce custom medical extrusions that meet your requirements. Our custom catheter tubing process eliminates the waste and delay associated with the multiple iterations commonly needed for specification development and new product design optimization.

Stock Single Lumen Tubing Materials

DUKE Extrusion manufactures stock, single lumen, thin wall, thermoplastic medical tubing from a variety of materials, including:

PebaSlix, PolySlix, and NyloSlix are specially-formulated resins developed by DUKE Extrusion for catheter tubing applications that require low friction. These materials enable greater device performance while maintaining the strength and processing characteristics of standard base resins.

USP Class VI biocompatibility data is available to assist our customers with their device submissions to regulatory agencies. Certifications of material conformance are available all for stock tubing orders.

Single Lumen Tubing Options

DUKE Extrusion offers numerous options to give you stock single lumen extrusion tubing that meets your unique application and performance requirements. We offer:

  • Sizes from 2 to 12 French O.D.
  • A variety of wall thicknesses
  • Durometers from 35D to 80D
  • Coil reinforced single lumen tubing
  • Braid reinforced single lumen tubing

We can also provide custom-specified multi-lumen tubing that matches your exact product requirements.

Value-Added Services

DUKE provides many value-added services to deliver complete catheter tubing solutions that meet your needs. These services include:

  • Application of hydrophilic coatings
  • Variable stiffness (multi-durometer) tubing
  • Braid termination
  • Catheter tipping
  • Marker band attachment
  • Hole forming
  • Bonding to & assembly with other components (luers, custom-designed handles, etc.)

Contact Us for Customized Single Lumen Extrusion Tubing

Get a quote on single lumen catheter tubing for your project, or order online today for standard shipment within 24 hours. Contact DUKE Extrusion for more information.

*Certificate of Conformance is provided free of charge with each stock tubing order.