Multi-Durometer Tubing

DUKE Extrusion can produce multi-durometer catheter shafts and medical device tubing that provide a smooth transition from the distal portion to the proximal portion. This allows the tubing to track into target locations with sufficient support and the flexibility to navigate.

We utilize state-of-the-art custom equipment to create unique combinations of material for an optimal balance of flexibility and rigidity. Up to six different materials can be used along the length for a gradual transition between high and low durometers. It is always best to use the fewest number of transitions that will still achieve the desired results.

Multi-durometer tubing can be shaped into fixed, curved paths, and can be extruded in an infinite variety of geometries to meet your unique requirements. Marker bands can be embedded into the tubing to indicate different durometers. Swaging for electrodes can be included on the outside surface, and ends can be tipped with radiopaque materials.

Multi-durometer tubing can be combined with our co-extrusion capabilities, PTFE liners, multi-lumen tubing, taper tubing, and braid or coil reinforcement for optimum performance.


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