Custom Compounded Resins

Custom Compounded Resins
Custom Compounded Resins

Many of the polymer materials Duke Extrusion works with can be compounded with fillers and other materials to add beneficial properties or enhance the performance of the base resins. As new applications for extruded tubing are developed, we can assist you in acquiring the ideal custom compounding solution for your needs.

Custom Extrusion Compounding Capabilities:

  • Radiopaque extrusions
  • Antimicrobial tubing
  • Tubing with enhanced lubricity (using our PebaSlix and PolySlix resins)
  • Extremely high tensile strength extrusions
  • Echogenic tubing
  • and other specialty extrusions

Resin manufacturers do not always offer their materials in all possible durometers. Compounding allows us to mix similar materials with different durometers to produce a material of intermediate durometer that meets your requirements.

We perform our custom compounding with a twin-screw extruder which homogenously disperses additives throughout the polymer at a molecular level for reliable, uniform quality and consistency. Extrusion compounding can be combined with custom color matching, as needed.

All custom compounding is done in-house with FDA-approved, medical-grade resins.

Available compounded resins include:

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