PTFE Lined Tubing

In catheter tubing, PTFE liners are primarily used on the I.D. to reduce friction and allow other devices to pass through with less resistance.

Duke Extrusion can produce quick-turn PTFE lined tubing in a wide range of standard sizes and with reinforcements such as coil reinforced tubing and braided composite tubing. We can provide tubing in both single and multiple durometers as well as single and multiple lumen configurations. We stock a wide range of liners from 2 to 24 Fr and can incorporate them as lining for catheter tubing.

Outer jacketing of PTFE lined catheter shafts is available in a variety of materials including PEBA, PebaSlix™, nylon, polyurethane, isoprene, or numerous other materials. PTFE lined catheter tubing is bondable to other components, such as metallic and polymeric marker bands, luer fittings, and hypotubing. This tubing can also be over-molded with catheter shaft components such as pull rings and device deployment mechanisms.

End conditions allow us to terminate for PTFE liners before the ends of the tubing itself for formable tips. Customers can specify the length of end conditions for liners.

PTFE liner thickness varies from 0.0005” to 0.0025”, depending on the size of the catheter tubing.

Multi-durometer PTFE lined catheter tubing is also available, with or without coil or braid reinforcement as your application requires.

PTFE is not a gamma compatible material, so appropriate sterilization should be considered when ordering catheter tubing with a PTFE liner. If a gamma-compatible, lubricious liner material is required, we can use PebaSlix as a replacement for PTFE liners.

Get a quote on custom PTFE lined catheter tubing, or contact Duke Extrusion to discuss your requirements with our experienced product engineering team.