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Pebax® Medical Tubing

Pebax® is a block copolymer variation of PEBA (polyether block amide). It offers the great processing versatility across a range of flexural modulus and provides excellent mechanical, physical, chemical properties along with established biocompatibility in many commercial products.  Pebax® processing versatility allows it to be used in products that have a range of stiffness from soft distal segments of a catheter to stiff proximal segment for providing, pushability along with smooth stiffness transitions to the distal segment for precise tip response and control.  For these reasons Pebax® is one of the most commonly specified polymer systems for catheter and medical tubing applications.  

Optimized Design and Specification for Medical Applications

At Duke Extrusion, we are experts not only with processing Pebax® materials but also in the design and specification of medical-grade Pebax® tubing for medical applications. Our extrusion engineering team provides recommendations for the optimized design of your medical tubing products where the extrusion and post extrusion processes are considered. Our expert engineers and Pebax® medical tubing design specialists understand the advantages and limitations of working with Pebax® in comparison with other polymer system options. We provide our recommendations according to your performance and other specific requirements. Our team has experience blending and alloying Pebax® with other materials to create customized formulations for medical tubing products that have been engineered, tested and proven to meet all of the defined requirements.

Order stock Pebax® braid reinforced tubing and stock single lumen tubing directly from our Stock Tubing store or call us at 831-420-1104 to discuss your project’s requirements and learn why Duke Extrusion is the medical device industry’s trusted supplier of medical-grade Pebax® tubing! 

Custom Pebax® Extrusion Beneficial Qualities

Pebax® has excellent processability due to consistent melt flow, a narrow processing temperature range across a wide modulus spectrum, and uniform molecular weight distribution (minimal gels), all of which contribute to the ability of Pebax® resin to be extruded in thin wall sections down to .001”.  The material properties allow for coextruded dual durometer extrusions where each layer may be as thin as .003” and vary in durometer from 25D to 74D within the same tubing either as layers or as a portion of the cross sectional area of the profile. Pebax® provides high elastic memory and excellent toughnessAdditional Pebax® thermoplastic elastomer advantages include:

  • High torque transference
  • Excellent kink resistance
  • Exceptional impact resistance
  • Good resistance to most chemicals
  • Consistent hardness and flexibility at room and body temperatures

Duke Extrusion’s Custom Medical Tubing Advantages

At Duke Extrusion, we simplify the medical-grade Pebax® manufacturing process by delivering custom products that meet your unique requirements, no matter how complex. Our Pebax® medical tubing experts will provide you with medical-grade Pebax® tubing that is custom engineered to your exact specifications. Some of the advantages that Duke provides when working with Pebax® medical tubing include:

  • Blending Pebax® with other materials to achieve properties that are enhanced for bonding.
  • Coextruding Pebax® with nylon to form a semi-compliant balloons which improve catheter tracking capabilities.
  • Cross linking Pebax® to prevent melting in certain applications.

Typical medical applications for Pebax® tubing include catheter shafts and variable stiffness catheters, balloons, dilators, and catheter tips. We also offer our own proprietary version of Pebax®, PebaSLIX®, which has been formulated to reduce friction, is biocompatible, and exhibits many similar properties and characteristics which make it an effective material for medical tubing applications where lower friction is needed. 

Medical-Grade Pebax® Tubing Options

At Duke Extrusion, we take a fully customized approach to your Pebax® medical tubing needs. We utilize all types of Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers to form a medical grade tube that meets all required specifications, this includes blending Pebax® with other materials to achieve truly custom medical-grade Pebax® tubing. We offer the following Pebax® medical tubing grades:

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Contact us for more information regarding custom medical-grade Pebax® tubing and Pebax® catheters, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Duke Extrusion is your premier supplier of custom Pebax® medical tubing products.

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Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.

PebaSLIX® is a registered trademark of Duke Empirical, Inc.

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