Pebax® Medical Tubing

Pebax® Medical Tubing
Pebax® Medical Tubing

Pebax is a block copolymer variation of PEBA (polyether block amide). It offers the greatest processing versatility and the best mechanical, physical, and chemical properties among all thermoplastic elastomer varieties. This plasticizer-free engineered polymer bridges the gap between thermoplastics and rubber materials. Call us today at 831-420-1104 to discuss your application needs today!

Custom Pebax Tubing for Medical Applications

Pebax is the lightest-weight thermoplastic elastomer and provides high elastic memory. Pebax offers excellent toughness at comparatively low density. It is available in a range of durometers, with Shore D hardness from 25 to 72.

Pebax tubing offers high torque transference and kink resistance. It exhibits excellent impact resistance, good resistance to most chemicals, and consistent hardness and flexibility at room and body temperatures.

Medical-grade Pebax tubing is easy to process, making it possible for Duke Extrusion to deliver custom products that meet your unique requirements, no matter how complex. By modifying the monomeric block type and ratios, we can deliver Pebax medical tubing for numerous applications. Typical medical applications for Pebax tubing include catheter shafts and variable stiffness catheters, balloons, dilators, and tips.

We also offer our own proprietary version of Pebax, PebaSlix®, which exhibits many similar properties and is an equally effective material for medical tubing applications.

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Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.