FluoroSLIX® Fluoropolymer Medical Tubing

FluoroSLIX® is the softest extruded thermoplastic medical tubing product on the market. When compared to urethane and Pebax®, FluoroSLIX® fluoropolymer tubing can withstand higher temperatures (550°F) and provides greater stretching flexibility. Since FluoroSLIX® can withstand hotter conditions, it is ideal for catheters that require high insulation properties.

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FluoroSLIX® Versatile Polyimide Material for Medical Applications

Duke Extrusion provides exclusive design, engineering, and manufacturing services for medical-grade FluoroSLIX® fluoropolymer materials. Our custom extrusion engineering team provides recommendations for the optimized design of your medical tubing products where the extrusion and post extrusion processes are considered. Direct FluoroSLIX® extruded fluoropolymer tubing applications include:

  • Multi-layer lined catheters
  • Fluid transfer tubing
  • Furcation tubing
  • Liquid and oxide sterilization

In-House FluoroSLIX® Design, Engineering & Production Services

Our expert engineers and FluoroSLIX® medical tubing design specialists understand the advantages and limitations of working with FluoroSLIX® in comparison with other fluoropolymer thermoplastic system options. We provide our recommendations according to your performance and other specific requirements. Our team has experience blending and alloying FluoroSLIX® with other materials to create customized formulations for medical tubing products that have been engineered, tested, and proven to meet all the defined requirements.

Custom FluoroSLIX® Fluoropolymer Medical Tubing Advantages

FluoroSLIX® extruded thermoplastic materials are ideal for applications or devices that require strong wear resistance, excellent lubricity, precision tolerance control and a high degree of chemical and thermal resistance. Because fluoropolymers are so stable and resistant to solvents, acids, and bases, they provide biocompatible barriers for various medical devices and pharmaceutical equipment. Additional FluoroSLIX® advantages include:

  • Soft material with the lowest friction
  • Higher softness than Pebax®
  • Able to stretch more than urethane and Pebax®
  • Can withstand higher temps (550 degrees) and weather conditions
  • Able to use liquid sterilization
  • Range of sizes

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Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.

FluoroSLIX® is a registered trademark of Duke Empirical, Inc.

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