Chronoprene® Medical Tubing

Chronoprene® Medical Tubing

Chronoprene® is a unique thermoplastic elastomer tubing used in the medical device industry due to its combination of high elongation, high flexural modulus, and tensile strength. It is significantly less permeable than silicone, yet is heat-sealable, bondable, and formable. Chronoprene® can be sterilized by radiation or ETO, and is abrasion resistant and UV stable.

Chronoprene® is available in hardnesses from 5A to 75A. We can extrude Chronoprene to precise I.D., O.D., and wall dimensions. It is excellent for very low durometer applications, such as catheter outer shafts (for added flexibility) or in occlusion balloons.

With ultimate elongation over 1500%, the Material properties of Chronoprene® elastomeric resins enable novel applications and allow device designers to overcome the limitations of traditional materials.

Chronoprene® is USP Class VI compliant.

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Chronoprene® is a registered trademark of AdvanSource Biomaterials, Inc.