Multi-Durometer PTFE Lined Tubing

Multi-durometer PTFE lined medical plastic tubing is useful when the stiffness of a catheter shaft or other device is required to vary down its length. Pushability and trackability are affected by the length and stiffness of the different durometer segments and can be custom tailored to specific product applications.

The most common configuration features a stiff proximal end and a more flexible distal end. Navigation over a guide wire for vascular access is a common application for this type of tubing.

Using custom extrusion technologies, Du Extrusion can provide quick turn prototypes of custom specified multi-durometer PTFE lined tubing. We can create the custom medical plastic tubing you need with as many as 7 different durometer segments, although 3-5 segments are usually sufficient for most applications.

Products may be customized based on length, materials, stiffness, braid material, and braid configuration to meet your specific needs.  Our product development engineers can recommend an optimized configuration for your unique application.

Coil reinforced and braid reinforced multi-durometer PTFE lined tubing is also available.

Request a quote on the specialty medical plastic tubing you need, or contact Duke Extrusion to discuss your requirements with our experienced product engineering team.

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