Ported Tubing

Duke Extrusion’s ported tubing allows access to one or more individual lumens within a multi-lumen tubing. Ported tubing can be designed in numerous configurations, from radial to linear, and can include luer fittings, barbed fittings, threaded components, and more.

Fluid-tight or hemostatic fittings and valves can be added to ports to allow fast, easy connection to other externally-joined tubing, electrical connectors, Y connectors, and extension lines that distribute access to individual lumens. Rigid ports can also be added to multi-lumen tubing with an individual connector, such as a luer fitting, for each lumen.

Ported tubing options are available in numerous configurations to meet your needs.

Get a quote on ported tubing for catheter hubs and other medical applications, or contact Duke Extrusion for more information.

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