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Coextrusion is the continuous extrusion of two or more materials simultaneously to create a single tube or profile. Duke can manufacture medical and catheter tubing with multiple layers of different materials, or segments of a tubing profile may be composed of different materials, such as striped tubing. Using different materials within a single tubing structure can improve performance and durability, and create custom tubing solutions for a variety of clinical applications.

We can create various coextrusions, including:

  • Single lumen tubing with two or more concentric layers of different materials
  • Single lumen tubing with different materials comprising different portions of its cross-section for arc length markings, to add stripes or other aesthetic considerations, etc.
  • Multi-lumen tubing with different materials for each lumen
  • Tapered single- or multi-lumen tubing with layers of varied thicknesses
  • Coextruded paratubing: multiple tubes joined from different materials or colors
  • and other custom configurations to meet your needs.
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