NyloSLIX® Nylon Polymer Medical Tubing

NyloSLIX® is a nylon polymer grade material that offers enhanced beneficial qualities including temperature resistance and elastic memory. This premium thermoplastic polymer also bonds with Pebax® and PebaSLIX® materials to produce extruded medical tubing products that are highly versatile for a range of applications. NyloSLIX® offers the same homogenously dispersed properties on both the ID and OD, providing multiple durameter shafts. As an added advantage, the SLIX formula can also be implemented into other forms of nylon and is useful as a catheter shaft material where the friction on the ID is at an acceptable HDPE level.

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NyloSLIX® Versatile Polyamide Material for Medical Applications

At Duke Extrusion, we not only process NyloSLIX® nylon polymer materials, but also provide design and engineering assistance for medical-grade NyloSLIX® medical applications. Our custom extrusion engineering team provides recommendations for the optimized design of your medical tubing products where the extrusion and post extrusion processes are considered. Direct NyloSLIX® nylon thermoplastic polymer applications include:

  • Can use SLIX formula into other forms of Nylon
  • Useful as catheter shaft material where the friction on ID is acceptable at level of HDPE
  • Eliminates need for PTFE liner or tri-layer coextrusion
  • Balloon catheter, shafts, proximal shafts of valve delivery systems
  • Cardiovascular catheter- shaft deliverable system made with or without braided reinforcement
  • Can be used in conjunction with PTFE liner for additional low friction benefits on ID

In-House NyloSLIX® Design, Engineering & Production Services

Our expert engineers and NyloSLIX® medical tubing design specialists understand the advantages and limitations of working with NyloSLIX® in comparison with other nylon polymer system options. We provide our recommendations according to your performance and other specific requirements. Our team has experience blending and alloying NyloSLIX® with other materials to create customized formulations for medical tubing products that have been engineered, tested, and proven to meet all the defined requirements.

Custom NyloSLIX® Nylon Polymer Medical Tubing Advantages

NyloSLIX® nylon thermoplastic polymer materials are capable of being extruded into thin sections (within a thousandths of an inch) and provide higher stiffness than materials such as Pebax®. Premium NyloSLIX® nylon polymer for extruded medical tubing applications is available in a range of sizes and is optimal as an inner liner for braided catheter shafts. Additional NyloSLIX® advantages include:

  • Bonds with other materials such as Pebax and PebaSLIX
  • Properties same on ID and OD, homogenously dispersed
  • Can produce multiple durameter shafts
  • Higher stiffness than materials such as Pebax
  • Capable of being extruded into thin sections (within thousands of an inch)
  • Great inner liners for braided catheter shafts
  • Range of sizes

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NyloSLIX® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.

NyloSLIX® is a registered trademark of Duke Empirical, Inc.

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