Medical Tubing Surface Treatment

Duke Extrusion offers a variety of surface treatments for our tubing. We use plasma discharge and corona treatment processes to improve bondability and bond adhesion for a variety of applications. Plasma discharge and corona treatment are processes whereby an electrical charge is conducted through a gaseous medium to increase the surface energy of a polymer at a molecular level. Etching is a chemical process that increases the number of surface electrons available for bonding, which in turn improves the bondability of fluoropolymers to other polymers such as Pebax™, polyurethane, nylon, and a variety of other thermoplastics. Surface treatments are also used to improve the adhesion of antimicrobial coatings and hydrophilic coatings.

Etching the surface of thin-walled PFTE liners allows for the construction of unique composite tubing that has the combined properties of the joined materials. Etched PTFE liners provide a low friction surface on the I.D. of catheter shafts for improved device passage. Etched PTFE is also used to create low friction pull wire lumens within the braid or coil reinforced walls of tubing. This type of construction is common for deflectable catheter shaft applications.

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