• PTFE tubing

PTFE Lined Lumens

PTFE tubing can reduce friction and reduce part wear. Duke Extrusion can add a PTFE liner or ePTFE liner to the inside diameter of extruded lumens to reduce friction along the interior of the tubing. Reduced friction makes it easier for other components, such as deflection cables, to slide with reduced friction along the inside of the tubing.

Options for PTFE Lined Tubing

PTFE lined tubing can be manufactured to be single or multi-lumen tubing. In multi-lumen tubing, any number of individual lumens can be PTFE lined. PTFE lined lumens in multi-lumen composite tubing require etching the outside diameter of the PTFE liner(s) to promote bonding to other thermoplastic materials such as:

PTFE lined tubing thicknesses range from 0.0005” to 0.005”, depending on lumen diameter and product requirements. PTFE lined tubing is available on round-, oval-, and rectangular-profile lumens. Polyimide lined lumens are also available.

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