Polyethylene Medical Tubing

High density (HDPE), low density (LDPE), and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) are among the common PE polymers used for medical applications. Polyethylene polymers are lightweight, chemically inert, and impermeable, making them ideal for catheter tubing as well as for packaging materials, such as coil hoops.

PE is flexible, and can withstand repeated flexing over long periods; semi-rigid varieties are also available. The material offers a low coefficient of friction, and is highly crack resistant. Polyethylene is a chemically compatible and cost-effective polymer for catheter tubing and other medical products.

Typical applications for Polyethylene include dilators and sheaths:

  • HDPE Medical Extrusion
  • HDPE/LDPE Medical Extrusion
  • LDPE Medical Extrusion
  • LLDPE Medical Extrusion

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