Actuation Cables & Wire

Coil reinforced multilumen tubes
Coil reinforced multilumen tubes

Duke Extrusion can add actuation cables and wires to our extrusions to provide precise control and improve the performance of your deflectable catheter, steerable catheter, or other implantable medical device delivery system.

Single-strand medical wire or multi-filar cable is threaded through one or more lumens of a multi-lumen extrusion for device actuation purposes. 1x7 and 1x19 stranded cable are the most common for this application, but numerous multi-strand cable configurations are also possible, depending on your unique requirements. Cables and wires as small as 0.007” and wire as small as 0.001” are available. Wire can be flat rather than round to minimize wall thickness while optimizing strength.

Cable and wire ends are laser-welded in-house to pull-wire rings or ball ends, which can be assembled into handles or various finished-good constructions, based on your design specifications. PTFE coating extrusion can be added to the medical wire or cable to improve lubricity.

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