FEP Liners

multilumen extrusion
multilumen extrusion

FEP liners are used to lower the friction on the internal diameter of catheter tubing.  FEP liners are generally a thin layer of FEP with an etched outer surface that is bonded to other polymers through a thermal lamination.  Common applications include guiding catheters, deflectable catheters, introducer sheaths, and device delivery systems. 

FEP liners can be added to individual lumens in multi-lumen tubing.   The combination of using an FEP liner with braid or coil reinforcement in a composite tubing is used to produce tubing with low friction for passage of other devices through the lumen, with kink resistance, torque, and variable stiffness if more than one outer jacket material is used.  When used as a liner for deflection wires or cables within the wall of catheter tubing, the FEP liner reduces the force to deflect the tip of a catheter. 

FEP liners range in wall thickness from 0.0005” – 0.005” depending on the diameter of the tubing and the specific application.  The ID of FEP liners can range from 0.005” – 0.5”.  FEP liners have a slightly higher coefficient of friction compared to PTFE liners, however, are more translucent and gamma and ebeam sterilizable.

Duke Extrusion can recommend a tubing design that incorporates FEP liners to meet the customer’s performance requirements. 

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