Custom Medical Skived Tubing

A skive is a slice along the long axis of a tube or wire that leaves a thin layer of tubing (or wire) remaining after completion. Typically, as the end of the desired cut length is approached, the skive gradually rejoins the remaining tube over a large radius transition zone.

Duke Extrusion’s skived tubing is specially designed to provide access to one or more of the individual lumens within a single- or multi-lumen tubing configuration. Skived tubing is commonly used in Rx catheter designs and other applications where guide wires or actuation cables exit the tube shaft.

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Custom Skived Tubing Made to Your Specifications

Our skived catheter tubing can be custom-tailored to meet your application and performance requirements. Options for custom skived tubing include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Skived exit ports can be provided at either end (or both ends) of the tubing
  • Skiving can be added at the proximal end of the tubing to provide access to lumens for luer port attachments, guide wire channels, or wire pull exits for deflectable catheter shafts
  • Proximal end-skiving can also be used to provide fluid-tight seals for actuating components
  • Skived tubing can include braid or coil reinforcements within tube walls. It can go through the reinforcements, or the reinforcement can be terminated to allow the skiving to create an exit along the tubing’s non-reinforced length.

The length, depth, and circumferential location of skiving can all be specified to create custom skived tubing that matches your unique specifications.

Skived Catheter Tubing Applications

Skived tubing is often found in an application where a hole in the tubing is desired after the tubing has been joined to another component. The skived hole then provides access to the lumen for wiring, irrigation, drainage, and other instrumentation. Typical applications of skived tubing include:

  • Infusion devices
  • Fluid sampling
  • Catheters
  • Wound drainage

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