Multi-Lumen Tubing

  • White Multi-lumen Tube
    Multi-lumen Tubing
  • Multi-lumen tubing showing two-lumen and four-lumen configurations for catheter applications.
    Multi-lumen tubing showing two-lumen and four-lumen configurations for catheter applications.
  • Multi-lumen configurations for medical tubing extrusion
    Multi-lumen configurations for medical tubing extrusion

Multi-lumen tubing provides multiple channels in a single-tube structure. A variety of catheter and medical device applications require multi-lumen tubing. Duke Extrusion manufactures custom multi-lumen tubing in a wide range of materials to match your unique specifications or application requirements.

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Custom Multi-Lumen Extrusion Options

We can manufacture multi-lumen medical tubing in a wide variety of profiles and configurations, including:

Duke Extrusion produces multi-lumen tubing to each customer’s unique requirements. We can make extruded plastic profiles with lumens of different materials, colors, and shore hardness. We can also add stripes, braids, coils, and concentric layers of different materials, colors, and durometers. Your custom multi-lumen extrusion can incorporate:

  • Up to 24 lumens in a single tube
  • Round or eccentric-shaped lumens (crescent, oblong, square, etc.)
  • Unique profile outer diameters (star, hex, keyed profile, etc.)
  • Wall thicknesses down to 0.001”

Design & Engineering for Multi-Lumen Tubing

Duke Extrusion offers full in-house design support for the development of multi-lumen medical tubing. We can meet your functional requirements, such as burst pressure, kink resistance, coefficient of friction, pushability, torque response, or other performance specifications. Duke can produce Custom-extruded multi-lumen tubing with the shortest industry lead times.

Our design team can assist you in the development of multi-lumen tubing designs that optimize performance and manufacturability. I.D., O.D., wall thickness, concentricity, dimensioning and tolerancing, materials, and other variables are custom specified to create the ideal multi-lumen tubing solution.

Specialized processes can also be designed to produce tubing with a variety of performance characteristics without a corresponding change in dimensions. For example, by varying the draw down ratio of the tooling used in the extrusion process, properties such as elongation and stiffness can be adjusted.

If you need custom multi-lumen medical tubing, you need Duke Extrusion. Our team of engineers provides extensive experience and expertise to help you develop the ideal multi-lumen extrusion for your unique requirements.

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