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Tube Overmolding

Tube overmolding is a method that is used to place injection molding around a catheter, tube, insert, or other components. The result of the extrusion tube overmolding process is a component, fluid channel, or other mechanical feature that is completely encapsulated. This provides a safe and secure encased component that is ready to use for a variety of unique medical applications.

At Duke Extrusion, we are experts at extrusion tube over molding. Tube overmolding is an effective, permanent method of bonding a variety of components to an extrusion. This process can also provide an efficient way to produce custom reliable tubing bonds without additional components such as adhesives.

Overmolding Capabilities

Duke Extrusion’s team of professionals understands the tube overmolding process; we can provide extrusion tube over molding services to fit your application needs. As an added benefit, Luer fittings can be affixed to the end of our tubing overmolding for easy connection to other devices. Tube overmolding can also be used to add ports and strain reliefs for transitions from flexible tubing to more rigid handles.

Tube Overmolding Applications

Additionally, extrusion tube over molding nose cones can be affixed onto tube ends to create custom extrusion tube devices, and atraumatic ends, for catheter applications such as:

  • Dilators
  • Delivery system nose cones
  • Device introducers
  • Radiopaque marker bands
  • Metal inserts
  • Wire harnesses
  • Electrical connectors
  • And more

Tube overmolding can also be combined with insert injection molding to incorporate metal parts, such as pins, rings, or marker bands, as well as to attach molded components onto the tubing.

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