Braid Reinforced Tubing

Braid Reinforced Tubing
Braid Reinforced Tubing

Braided tube is common in high-performance catheters and high-performance medical tubing applications,high-pressure lines, kink-resistant tubing, and in deflectable tip catheter applications. Wire reinforced tubing offers numerous performance benefits, including:

  • Better torque transmission
  • Improved crush resistance
  • Improved kink resistance
  • Resists collapse in vacuum
  • Limited stretch
  • Better pushability
  • Holds higher pressure 

Duke Extrusion can produce custom braid reinforced catheter tubing to match your unique requirements. We offer the materials expertise and manufacturing know-how to help you develop the perfect braided tube for your application. See our Braiding page for additional information.

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We can modify tube and filament materials, braid pattern and angles, filament configuration, braid terminations, pics per inch (PPI), and the number of carriers to your design specifications. We can help you select the best of each of these options for your application.

We can mold filament materials into the wall of braided tube include stainless steel, Kevlar, PEEK, PET, nitinol, carbon fiber, fiberglass, tungsten, platinum, iridium, ultra-high molecular weight molecular (UHMWPE), and others. Ribbon, round, and flat filament materials may be used.

Single over/single under, double over/double under, and other braid patterns are available. Double, triple, and quadruple-ended filaments can be used, with various braid angles and varying PPI. 16, 24, or 48 carriers can be spooled on each bobbin. Axial elements can be added to multi-lumen tubing to provide braiding for individual lumens or all lumens.

Variable pic braid can be used to optimize the performance of catheter tubing. The braid angle of the proximal portion of the shaft can be of lower pic count than the more flexible distal portion. This gives the tubing improved pushability and torque response. The flexible, non-kinking distal end improves trackability and provides easier access to remote areas of vasculature for therapy delivery.

Braided tube and individually-braided lumens in multi-lumen tubing can be PTFE lined on their IDs for low friction passage of other devices.

Braided tube offers performance similar to coil reinforced tubing and laser cut hypotube. Each reinforcement method offers its own advantages that may make it more suitable for your application. Duke can recommend the best reinforcement method for your needs, with consideration to performance, cost, and other factors. 

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*Certificate of Conformance is available for purchase at checkout.