Multi-Durometer Coil Reinforced Tubing

Coil reinforcement on multi-durometer medical tubing improves its pressure holding capability without increasing its stiffness as a harder material would. Coil reinforcement also improves kink resistance and provides greater hoop strength.

Duke Extrusion offers a wide range of specialty stock tubing products. We provide the industry’s shortest lead times for custom multi-durometer coil reinforced medical grade tubing for catheter delivery systems. Standard sizes are available, from 2 to 24 French.

Custom Multi-Durometer Coil Reinforced Tubing

We can also create custom coil reinforced tubing to match your unique requirements. Numerous coil materials are available, including aramid fiber and PET. Coil pitch can be modified to your exact specifications: coils with high pics per inch (PPI) provide greater flexibility, while lower PPI offers increased stiffness. Our custom multi-durometer coil reinforced medical tubing is available with up to 7 individual durometer segments, though 3-5 are often sufficient for most applications.

This specialty tubing is also available with PTFE liners for improved interior lubricity.

Duke Extrusion is Your Supplier for All Multi-Durometer Needs

Need your products quick? Duke Extrusion has you covered with our ultra-fast shipping times. Our stock tubing products, ship within 24 hours of purchase and braided standard tubing ships within 48 hours of order placement! At Duke Extrusion, we make purchasing medical-grade tubing easy with short lead times and quick, convenient, and hassle-free shipping.  It’s not just stock products that ship with industry best lead times, custom extrusion and rapid customized catheter products are also provided with the shortest lead times available and personalized service. That’s the Duke difference!

Request a quote on the multi-durometer coil reinforced tubing your catheter delivery system needs, or contact Duke Extrusion for more information.

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