Polypropylene Tubing & Extrusions for Medical Applications

Polypropylene is a lightweight thermoplastic resin that exhibits excellent surface rigidity. It has a low glass transition temperature and a low coefficient of friction. The material is a versatile, cost-effective alternative to fluoropolymers and other engineered resins.

Polypropylene tubing offers high chemical resistance and dimensional stability. It can be compounded with radiopaque additives for better visibility and can be readily welded. Polypropylene tubing also provides high heat tolerance (over 212°F).

Examples of catheter applications that utilize polypropylene tubing include dilators and overmolded luer fittings.

Custom Polypropylene Tubing to Meet Your Requirements

Working from your specifications, DUKE Extrusion can create custom polypropylene tubing that meets the exact requirements of your medical application. I.D., O.D., wall thickness, multiple lumens, eccentric (non-round) shapes, coil or medical braid reinforcement and more can be tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss your custom requirements.

Get a quote on polypropylene tubing and medical extrusions, or contact Duke Extrusion for more information.

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