• Multi-colored Coil Reinforced Tubing

Coil Reinforced Tubing

Coil reinforcement can improve kink resistance, pressure holding, burst strength, and other properties of medical device tubing. Duke Extrusion offers coil reinforced tube for catheter manufacturer applications and other medical uses. We can help you develop the ideal coil reinforced tube for your needs through material recommendations and design assistance.

We utilize state-of-the-art custom equipment to produce coil reinforced composite tube. Common in irrigation cannulas and catheters, Pic-per-inch (PPI) can be varied along the length of the tube, providing access points for ports or the introduction of other devices through the wall of the tubing.

Coil Filaments Composition of Top Materials

Coil filaments can be composed of materials including stainless steel, nitinol, Kevlar, PEEK, fiberglass, carbon fiber, PET, platinum, iridium, tungsten, ultra-high weight molecular polyethylene (UHMWPE), and others.

Coil filament geometries can include ribbon, round, or flat. Single or multi-filament coils can be used. Duke Extrusion will help you determine the best material, the best geometry, and the best coil layout for your medical device tubing application. See our coiling page for more information.

Our coil reinforced composite tube manufacturing capabilities can be combined with hole punching for greater accessibility and PTFE liners for improved interior lubricity.

Coil reinforced composite tube offers performance similar to braid reinforced tubing and laser-cut hypotube. Each method provides advantages that may make it more suitable for your application. Duke can recommend the best reinforcement method for your needs, with consideration to performance, cost, and other factors.

Need your products quick? Duke Extrusion has you covered with our ultra-fast shipping times. Our stock tubing products, ship within 24 hours of purchase and braided standard tubing ships within 48 hours of order placement! At Duke Extrusion, we make purchasing medical-grade tubing easy with short lead times and quick, convenient, and hassle-free shipping.  It’s not just stock products that ship with industry best lead times, custom extrusion and rapid customized catheter products are also provided with the shortest lead times available and personalized service. That’s the Duke difference!

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