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Medical Polyimide Tubing

Polyimide tubing is used in medical applications requiring one or more of the unique properties of the material including high pressure, a high operating temperature range, excellent tensile strength, and a high modulus. DUKE Extrusion does not manufacture polyimide tubing but incorporates it into many products and applications, such as inflation lines for balloon catheters, electrical isolation of conductive elements, pull wire lumen for steerable catheter products, and countless other applications.

What is Polyimide Tubing?

Polyimide is a thermoset material that does not melt when fused with other thermoplastic materials commonly used in catheter manufacturing. For these reasons, polyimide tubing is an ideal material for incorporation into composite tubing with highly specialized functionality.

Polyimide Lined Lumens

Duke Extrusion can provide polyimide-lined lumens in single or multi-lumen catheter products. Polyimide liners reduce the coefficient of friction along the inside of the tubing, making it easier for components or actuation cables to slide through the tube with reduced friction, particularly useful in tubing with soft durometers. Polymide when fused to elastomers will reduce the elongation and compression of the composite elastomer in applications such as deflectable catheters and balloon catheters. Polymide liners are capable of being produced in wall thicknesses as thin as 0.0002”.

Like our PTFE-lined lumens, polyimide linings can be added to single or multi-lumen tubing. Multi-lumen tubing can have any number of individual lumens lined with polyimide. Polyimide-lined lumens in multi-lumen extrusions are laminated to other thermoplastic materials, such as polyurethane, polyethyleneNylon 12Pebax®, or to Duke’s proprietary resin formulas such as PebaSLIX™PolySLIX™, NyloSLIX™, and FluoroSLIX™.

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