• Blue and green wire braided tubing

Welded Tubing / Bonded Tubing

Duke Extrusion utilizes specialized tube bonding equipment to create welded tubing. This process can be used to produce tubing with varying stiffness along its length by bonding materials of different durometers together using butt joints or lap joints.

Laser welded plastic tubing can also provide for attachment to luers or other fittings using adhesives. Plastic tube bonding can also be used to attach balloons or other implements at the end of the tubing.

Duke can also weld continuous lengths of coil or braid, as well as different lining materials for multi-lumen tubing with variable durometer shafts.

Pull values can be obtained for bond strength, and upon the characterization of the product design, process qualification and validations can be performed so that product may be certified to those specific requirements.

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