Catheter Tipping

Custom Blue Catheter with white Tipping
Custom Catheter Tipping

Duke Extrusion provides catheter tipping to create tapered or atraumatic tips at the distal ends of your tubing. The catheter tipping process can be tailored to the unique requirements of your application to provide custom catheter tips.

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Duke’s Catheter Tipping Process

We utilize a number of catheter tip forming processes, from RF forming to grinding to thermoforming with molds. Based on your performance requirements and material specifications, we will determine which catheter tipping process is right for your project.

Depending on the needs of your application, the catheter tipping process may incorporate radiopaque materials or polymer-fused marker bands for better visualization. Common marker band materials include platinum, iridium, gold, and tungsten

Specific custom tip geometries, including tapered IDs and/or ODs, wall thicknesses, PTFE liner termination options, hole forming, and more can be customized to your design requirements. Rounded, radiused, or low-profile ends, braid terminations, and PTFE liners are available options, in numerous configurations.

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