Telescopic Tubing R&D Kits

  • Telescopic Tubing Kit
    Telescopic Tubing Kit
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    diagram of Telescopic Tube

Duke Extrusion offers telescopic tubing R&D kits containing four (4) tubes with a range of diameters that fit within each other. These telescopic tube kits are perfect for customers who require a variety of sizes of medical tubing. They are also ideal for products requiring a concentric design, such as catheter delivery systems or balloon catheters with a central guidewire lumen.

Pebax®, Nylon, PebaSlix® & NyloSlix® Telescopic Tubes with Customer Specified OD & Durometer

Our telescopic tubing kits include Pebax, nylon, PebaSlix®, and NyloSlix® tubing, with a wide range of outside diameters (ODs), from 2 Fr to 12 Fr, and a range of wall thicknesses. Available in 35D, 40D, 55D, 63D, 72D, or 80D durometer (all tubes in a kit will be the same durometer). We cut Telescoping tubing to 48” lengths, ± 1”.

Telescopic tubing kits are provided according to customer specifications. Please use the filters below to specify the ODs and durometer of the telescopic tubes in your R&D kit. We will assemble your telescopic tubing kit upon receiving your specifications, and the product will ship within 24 hours of your order.

Order telescoping tubing R&D kits for your catheter delivery system or other medical application today.

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