• Telescopic Tubing Kit

Telescopic Tubing R&D Kits

Duke Extrusion offers telescopic tubing R&D kits containing four (4) tubes with a range of diameters that fit within each other. These telescopic tube kits are perfect for customers who require a variety of sizes of medical tubing. They are also ideal for products requiring a concentric design, such as catheter delivery systems or balloon catheters with a central guidewire lumen.

Pebax®, Nylon, PebaSLIX® & NyloSLIX® Telescopic Tubes with Customer Specified OD & Durometer

Our telescopic tubing kits include PebaxnylonPebaSLIX®, and NyloSLIX® tubing, with a wide range of outside diameters (ODs), from 2 Fr to 12 Fr, and a range of wall thicknesses. Available in 35D, 40D, 55D, 63D, 72D, or 80D* durometer (all tubes in a kit will be the same durometer). We cut Telescoping tubing to 48” lengths, ± 1”.

Telescopic tubing kits are provided according to customer specifications. We will assemble your telescopic tubing kit upon receiving your specifications, and the product will ship within 24 hours of your order.

Order telescoping tubing R&D kits for your catheter delivery system or other medical application today.

Please use the filters below to specify the ODs and durometer of the telescopic tubes in your R&D kit.

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* Only available in Nylon and NyloSLIX material. 

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